Religious Programs


 BIBLE STUDIES – a weekly study of the interpretation of the Old and New Testament. The biblical principles are applied to the issues that the residents face as youth and young adults. They also have an opportunity to reflect on their lives in the light of their growing commitment to the Christian lifestyle. The sessions are led by volunteers and the Chaplains.

 YOKEFELLOW MINISTRIES -This program meets weekly and provides an opportunity for personal relationships to develop between residents and volunteers, individually and in the community. It strives to create a nurturing, non-judgmental environment in which each inmate will feel free to examine and share their lives; They will experience the forgiveness, healing, and the power of God’s love.

 RELIGIOUS STUDY – This is a twelve (12) week Bible Study taught by volunteers. Courses offered have included Church Doctrine, New Testament, Old Testament, etc. Residents must register for this class.

 SPECIAL PROGRAMS – Throughout the year, special programs are held which commemorate the Christian year, holidays, and seasons, etc. These multi-faceted programs include: bands, musical concerts, dance ministry, Bible games, videos, and dramatic presentations. These may also include revivals and invited volunteers for a program or series of programs.

 WORSHIP – Non-denominational worship services are held on Sundays which are led by the Chaplains. Pastors and community choirs are often invited to participate.

PCI CHIOR– The choir, Young Men of Vision, is a chorus of residents who participate in worship and sing for other events at the facility.

JUMAH PRAYER – A prayer service for persons of the Islamic faith.

Pastoral caregivers may submit an application to visit inmates who are under their spiritual direction.

Residents who represent a religious faith that is recognized by the DOC are given an opportunity to study their faith with an avail-able community volunteer.

RELIGIOUS RESOURCES – All residents are offered available donated resources for personal and spiritual growth. These include Bibles tracts, calendars, magazines, books and other periodicals.

RELIGIOUS/HOLY DAYS – Residents may observe the Holy days of their faith such as Ramadan (the Islamic Holy Month), Christmas, Easter, etc.


Monthly  Calendar Schedule

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