About Us

To get a great view of current activities going on inside the NC Department of Public Safety

just link to and “Read About”  the latest news from the  NC Department of Public Safety


About the Polk Correctional Institution Community Resource Council  (CRC)

All Community resource counsels have  been put in place by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and operate under the guidelines as set forth by the NC Public Meeting Regulations.

Polk CRC operates  under the authority of policy set forth by North Carolina Department of Public Safety Division of Adult Corrections/ Juvenile Justice

All meetings are conducted at Polk Correctional Institution  administration building. The Council will, meet on the third Monday of every other month beginning in January ( i.e. Six times annually ) Committees of  the Council shall meet on an as needed basis.

Donations may be made to 
PCI Community Resource Council  
PO Box 2500
1001  Veazey Road
Butner, NC 27509                                                                           

This organization operates  under the Federal Tax exempt Nonprofit charity   501 (c) (3)   (EIN # 58-2000-094)

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